Matthew L. Wright
Assistant Professor, St. Olaf College

Homework 26: HTML and CSS

CS 121 ⋅ Spring 2016

Write a HTML file for a web page that contains the items below. Use an internal style sheet to specify all fonts, sizes, colors, and any other aspects of presentation. Upload your file to Moodle for HW26.

For help with HTML tags, see this HTML tutorial. For help with CSS selectors and properties, see this CSS tutorial.

You may wish to create web page using this online editor and then save it as an HTML file.

Your page should contain:

  1. A header with white text on dark green background, in Impact font, bold, and centered.
  2. Two paragraphs of text, each with dark gray text in Tahoma font, on a light blue background, and with a dark blue border.
  3. At least two hyperlinks, with the default link color set to something other than blue.
  4. A bulleted (unordered) list with square bullets and left margin set to 100 pixels.
  5. Any other items and styles that you would like to include!