Matthew L. Wright
Assistant Professor, St. Olaf College

Homework 22: Python Graphics

CS 121 ⋅ Spring 2016

Upload your solutions to the following questions to Moodle for HW22.

This homework requires the Python graphics module. To use the Python graphics module on your personal computer, you will need to download You might also want to refer to the Python graphics tutorial and the Python graphics documentation.

  1. Use Python graphics to draw the flag of some country. For example, here is the flag of France:

    flag of France
  2. Use Python graphics to draw a face. For example:


    Of course, you may draw a more elaborate face than this!

  3. Use Python graphics to draw a bar graph with at least five bars. You may choose the scale of your graph, but print the height of each bar on the graph. Your graph should look something like this:

    bar graph